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Pre-preg materials are impregnated through internally developed resin system to provide different category products with different reinforcements which include carbon woven fabric pre-preg and multi-axial stitched fabric pre-preg.

Epoxy Resin Various Options and Purposes:

  • High Transparent Resin: No etiolation would be produced and could be applied on carbon woven fabric and sliver-electroplated woven fabric (including coating).
  • Black Resin: Applicable on glass fiber.
  • Highly Intensified Resin: Used in wind power blade and by Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • High TG Point Resin: 180℃~210℃ used in industrial products.

Fiber Types:

  • Fiber Fabric: 3K 、6K、12K
  • Glass Fiber Fabric: 47 g/m2 、210 g/m2、218 g/m2、330 g/m2、400 g/m2、600 g/m2、800 g/m2
  • Multi-Axial Glass Fiber: L-900 、DB-600、DBL-800 g/m2
  • Sliver-electroplated Glass Fiber: 1K, 3K, Twill Weave, Plain Weave.