Carbon Fiber Manufacturer

Pufeng New Technology Materials Co., Ltd. was independently established by Mr.Ma Shui Yuan in 1992. At the beginning of this enterprise, Mr.Ma concentrated himself in professional OEM contract manufacturing services to equipment suppliers of graphite composite tennis & badminton rackets as well as golf shafts.

Business has to go forward forever and never stops. With his strong technologies in this competitive market PU FENG Enterprise Corporation made a large investment in R & D resources in 1992, to promote herself to an even more complicated field with hi-tech products.

An outstanding R & D management team, fully supported by board of the directors, leads various design and engineering faculties with profound system integration experiences on development and commercialization of specific composite products. Throughout the past years, this team has been bringing and developing ranges of such products that meet the international clients' most need.

She has been developing specific composite products for a variety of industrial and sporting purpose, even medical parts, electronic accessories, and car bits, special aeronautic sections and shares.

WE , R & D Team, will take it for granted to complete all of your missions as perfect as we can. Always bearing customer's most satisfaction and long-term partnership in mind, Pufeng New Technology Materials Co., Ltd. assures her strategy to deliver professional and competitive products with services to all of her customers, and continue to grow to be a leader in providing high value-added products.